Monday, October 15, 2012

Jam of the Week: "Your Body" by Christina Aguilera

If you were to look up the definition of "pressed" in the Tommy dictionary, you'd find a picture of Christina Aguilera. Not the dirrty Xtina, but the Floptina who looks like the lovechild of Snooki and Miss Piggy. She is so unbelievably basic that something tells me she might be Cunt of the Week soon.

But cunts can have jams, and oh, is "Your Body" a jam! After spending the past few years of her career flopping hardcore, Christina is back with a vengeance, and she's abandoned her former need to be different. In this song, there's very little that sets her apart from the dozens of other pop stars releasing dance floor anthems, and that's exactly how I like it! To hell with originality and individuality! #AllForOne

"Your Body" is particularly enjoyable because you don't need to know too many words. "All I want to do/Is love your body/Ooooooohhh/Tonight's your lucky night/I know you want it/Ooooooohhh," our songstress sings. While part of me is sad the lyrics aren't "fuck your body," which I swore I heard upon my first listening experience, I can deal. Sometimes you gotta think of the kids. Not that I ever do, but at least she does.

What makes this song even better is the music video, which showcases Christina in her natural habitat: various white trash locations, including a cheap motel, a seedy bar, and a trailer park. It's always nice to see celebrities returning to their roots. The music video also lots of colors and I like colors.

So while Christina may be a raging cunt, and while she'll never be Britney Spears, she sure knows how to release a good jam! Hope you enjoy, and remember: always love your body. (See, there are so many layers to this song, including a message about positive body image!)

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