Monday, November 19, 2012

Jam of the Week: "Scream & Shout" by and Britney Spears

This week's Jam of the Week is "Scream & Shout" by featuring the legendary Miss Britney Spears. If you've already heard the song, which leaked this weekend but doesn't receive its official release until later this week, you know that it's not the best song in the world. In fact it does a lot of things wrong. Firstly, it's by, who is like a pressed version of Timbaland; he's barely tolerable in the Black Eyed Peas, but now he has a solo career? Secondly, the song is just bad. From its forgettable lyrics ("When you hear us in the club/You gotta turn this shit up" and "When we up in the club/All eyes on us") to its basic dance beat, the song does little to distinguish itself from everything else out there.

However, the one thing that this song does right, the one thing that earns "Scream & Shout" the title of Jam of the Week, is BRITNEY. True, she's not in the song a ton; true, she sings in a British accent for most of her solo; true, this song is so decidedly un-Britney that could have had just about anyone else sing her part. But at the end of the day, it's Britney, bitch. She even says it in this song, too! So turn up the volume because we about to scream and shout with Britney!

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