Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year in Review

Only three months young, Tommy Time has succeeded in becoming, in short, the bee's knees. I'll continue to treat its short time online as an entire year as I review the blog's triumphs in 2012. First, without further ado, the recipients of the Jam of the Year, Cunt of the Year, and Bitch of the Year awards, as voted by you!

Jam of the Year

For nearly three years, Ke$ha has been inspiring us to live life, drink Jack Daniels, and deck ourselves in glitter. In her latest smash hit, she reminds us to make the most of the present as if we're gonna die young. Given that we just survived a Mayan apocalypse, I can think of no better song worthy of Jam of the Year than "Die Young".

Cunt of the Year

Because the possession of cuntitude is only achieved by the world's most depraved, unstable individuals, it truly is hard to single out any one cunt. They're truly in a degenerate league of their own. You, my faithful readers, understand this, as you've selected not one, but TWO Cunts of the Year: Rihanna and Taylor Swift. We can only hope this isn't a sign that they will join forces and make 2013 a living hell for everyone.

Bitch of the Year

Best known for playing the fictional bitch Kelly Taylor in Beverly Hills, 90210, real-life bitch Jennie Garth has perfected the art of bitchery. Between on-set catfights and passive aggressive comments in the media, it's no wonder Jennie was not only the first Bitch of the Week, but 2012's Bitch of the Year, too. Well done, J!

Lastly, just for fun, I've compiled a list of the ten Tommy Time posts that have attracted the most traffic in the past three months. It's no surprise that people be lovin' them bitches and cunts of the week!
  1. Bitch of the Week: Blair Waldorf
  2. Cunt of the Week: Katherine Heigl the Ungrateful
  3. Cunt of the Week: Christina Aguilera
  4. Bitch of the Week: The High School Musical Golden Trio
  5. Bitch of the Week: Jennie Garth, Queen of 9021-Oh Snap!
  6. Bitch of the Week: Santana Lopez
  7. Bitch of the Week: Emma Stone
  8. Throwback Thursday: Tommy Picks the Best Songs by Disney Channel Stars
  9. Tommy Picks 5 Sings Who Should Have Christmas Albums
  10. Happy Birthday to Britney Spears: An Official Tommy Time Holiday
Have a safe and happy New Year!

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Taylor Tanton said...

So sad my picks didn't win! But I totes agree with the winners! Taylor and Rihanna would so have a picture like that together!