Sunday, February 24, 2013

This or That: Backstreet Boys vs. 'N Sync

Because I don't think they've ever been photographed together.
One Direction might dominate the boy band scene these days (wtf is the wanted), but errybody knows the golden standard for all-male pop groups rests solely in the long-debated issue of the Backstreet Boys vs. 'N Sync. It's time for Tommy Time to put a rest to this war in the third This or That!

Musical styles
The Backstreet Boys always tended to be a little tamer that 'N Sync. Their music was usually quintessential 90s pop, with a little rock and R&B lightly sprinkled here and there. They get kudos for constantly singing a cappella and harmonizing every chance they got. Meanwhile, 'N Sync's music skewed more toward the club crowd, and they often relied on hip-hop influences. That's about as descriptive as I'll get, because this is a moot point. Potato, patato. Technicalities aside, their musical styles were virtually identical. This round is a draw!

Public image
'N Sync always had more street cred back in the day, not that either group's music was permissible in da hood. The fact that Britney Spears often collaborated with the band and dated one of its members, who is now known as Justin Timberlake, means they skyrocket in bonus points here.

The Backstreet Boys tried hard to remove themselves from the boy band stereotype that New Kids on the Block had established. In fact, the band didn't consider themselves a boy band, but rather a white version of Boyz II Men. Yeah, I think they're the only ones who thought that. Furthermore, the only notable member the Backstreet Boys produced was Nick Carter, and that shit's not impressive. Twenty years later, the band is still going strong and even briefly combined forces with the New Kids to become, I shit you not, NKOTBSB.

I find the fact that they're still together a little embarrassing and the fact that, out of shear desperation, they teamed up with the very band they said they would never be like pathetic. Clearly, 'N Sync comes out on top!

Classic songs
Though it was often hard to tell which song came from which band, their credibility can be measure by how many of their songs have become classics over the years. (Keep in mind, what qualifies as "classic" is totally at my discretion.)

The Backstreet Boys have "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)", "As Long As You Love Me", "I Want It That Way", "Larger Than Life", "The One", "Shape of My Heart", "The Call", and "It's Gotta Be You". That's a total of 8 songs.

'N Sync has "I Want You Back", "Tearing Up My Heart", "(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You", "Bye Bye Bye", "It's Gonna Be Me", and "Pop". That's only 6 songs, so this round goes to the Backstreet Boys.

Sales, numbers, and figures
Simply put, the Backstreet Boys are the best selling boy band of all time, having sold over 130 million records worldwide. 'N Sync ranks at number 8, selling less than half that. So obviously this round goes to the Backstreet Boys.

So who's the better boy band? The Backstreet Boys! It's no surprise that my personal favorite comes out on top. I do love me some Justin Timberlake (Britney break-up drama aside), but even his involvement with 'N Sync can't compete with the timelessness that is Backstreet Boys. That being said, I sure as hell don't condone their still being a band. So that can stop. K thanks!

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Madeleine Wills said...

Interesting! I was rooting for 'N Sync, personally.

Also, I wrote their name with an apostrophe because that's what you did, but I've always seen it spelled *NSYNC, with an asterisk. Are there two ways of spelling it?