Sunday, May 26, 2013

Things Tommy Loves and Hates #1

They're each holding a knife behind their back.
Thing I Love #1: When Disney Channel Stars Get Risqué in Their Lyrics

Whether it's Selena Gomez using soft swear words on "Hit the Lights" or Miley meeting "sexy boys in every city" on "Permanent December", I've always loved when Disney Channel stars' lyrical content becomes mildly inappropriate for their target demographic. This is no truer than for Demi Lovato's album Unbroken, on which she sings about picking up guys in clubs, making waves in a bed in the shade, drinking champagne, and "thinking sober."

Thing I Hate #1: People Who Do Not Understand the Art of Instagram

There is nothing worse than basic bitches instawhoring themselves out. #justwokeup #nomakeup and #nofilter are amongst the hash tags I simply do not have time for, especially in regard to selfies. But perhaps the biggest and most insulting atrocity is when people share EVERY Instagram photo on Facebook. UM HELLO. They are two different and separate mediums. Occasionally it may be okay to cross over, but usually it is not! This is especially true when a bitch instagrams a shit load of photos and shares them all on Facebook at the same time, thus clogging MY newsfeeds on both fronts. Rude, inconsiderate, and downright tacky.

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Madeleine Wills said...

Remember when you told me that you shared all of your instagram photos on facebook and didn't have any "instagram only" photos? Thought this would be a good time to remind you of that... :)