Thursday, July 11, 2013

Demi Lovato May Be a Genius! This is the Best Worst Idea You'll Hear All Week!

Fresh-faced and feisty.
If you're a Lovatic, Smiler, Selenator, and Swifter, and you thought that life couldn't get any better, you might want to rethink that.

In a recent interview, Demi Lovato was asked who she would pick to be in a girl group with her. Her response?
It would never happen but I'd form a group featuring me, Miley, Selena, and Taylor. That would be pretty epic.
Um, YEAH it would. And not because the music would be good. (Let's face it: Demi's daddy issues + Taylor's bombastic romances + Miley's coke lines + Selena's Britney-wannabe beats = DISASTER.) But the in-group fighting would be to die for. There's already bad blood between the four of these girls, and while that may be water under the bridge for now, but it would quickly come flooding back (get it?) the second they had to work together.

I can't think of anything more I'd want to see in the tabloids. Come on, people! Let's make this happen. Taking suggestions for band names NOW!

And PS, if you're a hater of all four of these artists, just remember that as long as they're still solo, it could still be a lot worse!

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Taylor said...

I wanna know the reactions of the others girls when they heard this!