Monday, July 22, 2013

Jam of the Week: "Gold" by Victoria Justice

This is perhaps the most obnoxious song I've ever chosen for Jam of the Week, but I simply cannot get it out of my head. I've always had an aversion to Nickelodeon stars. Miranda Cosgrove's attempts at singing just couldn't compare to the sweet tunes of Miley Cyrus.

But recently, I stumbled upon Victoria Justice's debut single. (I, too, was perplexed by this. Bitch has been around for fucking ever and she's only just releasing her first song? That's some glacial place, Nickelodeon.) And while "Gold" isn't amazing, it's certainly catchy. Listen for yourself as Victoria displays the same unwarranted self-confidence as Katy Perry while she literally compares herself to gold.


Anonymous said...

No just no.

Taylor said...

No just no.