Monday, July 8, 2013

Jam of the Week: "Tie It Up" by Kelly Clarkson

It seems like just yesterday that I deemed Kelly Clarkson "Queen of Flops." The title was very much deserved, with a career that's more hot and cold than a Katy Perry song. So it seems a bit strange that she's getting Jam of the Week, but I would be doing everyone a disservice by ignoring this redneck anthem.

"Tie It Up" is a country song about planning a wedding. I know, I know. Kelly going country? Bitch needs to stick to pop rock. Who does she think she is, Carrie Underwood? Those were my first thoughts as well. But this isn't Kelly's first time at the country radio. Her songs "Mr. Know It All" and "Don't Rush" were both hick heaven, but ultimately unsuccessful. She had better luck on "Don't You Wanna Stay", a country duet with Jason Aldean.

Luckily, Kelly's "Tie It Up" just works. And it's uber catch, with lyrics like:
I love the ring of your name
You’re the ying to my yang
Oh baby let’s give it a shot
Every wall needs a frame
Every ball needs a chain
I’m talkin’ about tying the knot
Tie it up
So go on, hear for yourself! Listen to the next step in the original American Idol's musical evolution.

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