Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lana Del Rey Allegedly Disses Lady Gaga in Newly Leaked Song

Bitch fight!
As if Lana Del Rey couldn't get any better, she allegedly takes major swipes at former Cunt of the Week Lady Gaga in a newly leaked demo titled "So Legit".

Since Lana began her slow escalation to fame, she's often been called the anti-Gaga because of her image and music. But nobody realized that the singers actually share a past. The two artists, both 27, were managed by Bob Leone in New York before either made it big.

In "So Legit", believed to have been recorded in 2009, right after Lady Gag-me's career took off, Lana refers to her frenemy by her real name, Stefani, and coos:
Stefani, you suck, I know you're selling 20 million/Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg
Ouch. Love it!

Listen to the diss track below and hear more venomous remarks about the Queen Monster. In the mean time, let's all pray that this turns into a juicy celeb feud. It's been a while since we've had a good one!

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