Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taylor Swift Throws Rocks Despite Living in a Glass House, But I'm Grateful for It

Now, now. Play nice.
In the spirit of trashing Taylor Swift any way I can, I'd like to take aim at recent reports that the "country" singer is anti-Jelena. It's no secret that Taylor and Selena Gomez are besties, but T-Swift also used to share a friendship with Justin Bieber. With the turbulence in Selena and Justin's shitfest of a relationship, it's clear that Taylor went with the whole "hoes before bros" "sisters before misters" philosophy. At the Billboard Music Awards in May, a reporter asked Taylor about her feelings regarding Selena's hot-and-cold beau, and this was her response:
Ohhh, you do not want to know! You do not want to open that can of worms. Especially tonight.
Later that night in the press room, another reported asked Taylor how she felt about the Biebs winning the Milestone Award, for which she was also nominated. Her response? "Can we have another question?"

While it's laughable that Justin and Taylor were nominated for a milestone award other than the Lifetime Achievement for Being a Piece of Shit award, the main concern here is Taylor's naked disdain for her best friend's ex. We all know she's quick to rake her former flames across the coals, but who knew she would get so catty when discussing something that's frankly none of her damn business.

But that's not all. This past weekend, Taylor reportedly skipped Selena's 21st birthday bash, at which the Biebs was spotted, because of a "tight schedule," which insiders have revealed to be code for "she hates Justin's fucking guts."

Yikes. What happened to true friendship? Seems like a case of the pot and the kettle, the glass house and the rock, or whatever trite saying you wanna plug in here.

This whole high school drama prompts only one question from Miss Swift: given her track record, can she really counsel her friends on their love lives? I mean, come on, Taylor dated John Mayer, who is the biggest douche in the industry. While it's always easier to give advice than to take it yourself, you think Taylor would keep her trap shut, as the public has made it very clear that her personal life is a fucking train wreck.

Her hypocrisy aside, I sure am glad that Taylor is doing whatever she can to destroy Jelena. After Stars Shit, Miss Gomez is on thin ice with me, and every time she gets back together with Justin, I grow more thankful for the God-awful T-Swift anthem "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together".

For fun, here's a gif of Taylor sticking her tongue out after seeing Jelena getting their mack on.

I feel ya on this one, T.

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