Sunday, September 15, 2013

Go Call the Po-Lice! Go Call the Guv-uh-nah! BRITNEY IS BACK TO WORK, BITCH!!!

Lady Gaga, the applause is over. Miley, it's time to stop. And "Roar"? More like "whimper." All the kiddies need to take a seat because the Queen has returned!!!

Britney Spears has finally blessed us with "Work Bitch", the first single off of her upcoming eighth album. And let me tell you, it's magical. She is back in full force, British accent and all, and this time, she's kicking ass and taking names.

The song itself is sort of a spiritual successor to "Scream & Shout", but it's lightyears better than that because it doesn't have #sorryboutit.

"You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work, bitch!" she teases as she spills truth tea and floods the lives of pop tarts like Lady Gag-me and Katy Perry. That's right, the song serves as a remind that in a time when any Tom, Dick, and Harry Christina, Selena, and Rihanna thinks they have what it takes to rule the pop charts, there's only Britney, and you'll have to work if you ever wanna get like her.

Flawless. Iconic. Legendary.

Sorry you can't relate...

Coming for you!

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Taylor Tanton said...

Such a great message! #inspired!