Friday, January 31, 2014

*Disney Week* Bitch of the Week: Charlotte La Bouff

The mole is fake.

Perhaps one of the most underrated modern Disney heroines, Charlotte La Bouff is the perfect candidate the represent the Bitch of the Week brand. Within the context of The Princess and the Frog, she's Tiana's spoiled but well-meaning best friend, but we all know she's the true star of the film.

Ever since she was a little girl, Charlotte has gotten everything she ever wanted, except one thing: to be a princess. It's dream she chases well into adulthood. Now, I know what you could be thinking. Is this some sort of immature Taylor Swift motherfucker? The answer is absolutely not. Charlotte's quest to become royalty is endearing, especially when one considers her heart of gold. She is fiercely loyal to and supportive of Tiana, her biffle, despite their starkly contrasting backgrounds.

When Charlotte learns that her father will be the King of the Marti Gras Parade, thus making her a princess, she's elated. Not soon after, she has the opportunity to become real royalty when Prince Naveen, desperately in need of a wealthy bride after being disinherited, visits New Orleans. Charlotte jumps at the opportunity and accepts his marriage proposal, but little does she know, the Naveen she's engaged to is really his jealous caretaker, Lawrence, using black magic to disguise himself.

The real Naveen is acting a damn fool in the swamps with Tiana, both of them having been transformed into frogs. The only way to break the curse is for Naveen to kiss a princess. Cue Charlotte, the Marti Gras Princess! Once she's caught up to speed and sees that Naveen and Tiana are in love, she throws her own ambitions to the wind and selflessly kisses Naveen... But it doesn't work. Not because her princess title is bogus, but because it's already past midnight.

Well, Tiana and Naveen get married, officially making Tiana a princess, and their first kiss then breaks the spell. But enough about them. Let's focus on Charlotte, who catches the bouquet at the wedding and is totally set with continue life as a brilliant bitch!

Before we get part, let's take a gander at some quotes!
  • As a child: " I would do it. I would kiss a frog. I would kiss a hundred frogs if I could marry a prince and be a princess."
  • Addressing her potential suitors: "Travis, when a woman says later, she really means not ever."
  • On life: "I'm sweating like a sinner in church!"
  • On life, again: "I never get anything I wish for!"
  • On meeting "Naveen" for the first time: "Oh, Tia, honey, did you see the way he danced with me? A marriage proposal can't be far behind."


Taylor said...

Lotte is one of my faves! I also like all her gifs!

Haley Wragg said...

the mole. YES. >

Haley Wragg said...

the mole. YES. >