Monday, January 20, 2014

Things Tommy Loves and Hates #12

I'm running this like, like, like a circus.

Thing I Love #12: Circus Themes

Even though the actual circus is disgusting, it provides such a killer theme. My wedding will have a circus theme, complete with crazy costumes, PETA-sanctioned animal tricks, and Britney Spears performing a ballad version of "Circus".

Thing I Hate #12: My Story on Snapchat

While fun as fuck, Snapchats are already a silly waste of time. So naturally I don't appreciate having to sit through a long-ass collection of your Snapchats for the day all packaged together as your "story." Truth be told, I don't watch them, but the orange glow of the notification every time I open the app is enough to warrant this hatred.

1 comment:

MKlass said...

I'm glad to know you in real life, so I can hear about this stuff twice. ;) Just kidding, the snapchat hatred is very valid.