Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Tommy Picks the Best of Glee, Season 4

Spoiler: all roads lead to shitty storylines.

After triumphantly selecting the top ten songs from Glee, seasons 1, 2, and 3, it's time to conquer the fourth! By year 4, the show was pretty much beyond repair. It had no focus and a bloated cast, and both of these issues were worsened when each episode split its attention between the New Directions in Lima, Rachel and Kurt in New York, and wherever the fuck else the rest of the graduates ended up. It was a damn hot mess. But the music was still good. What were the best songs? Well, let's find out!

10. "Centerfold/Hot In Herre" by New Directions
Any song that celebrates the choice male physique on this show automatically makes the list. Coming in at number 10 is the ingenious mash-up between the J. Giels Band's "Centerfold" and Nelly's "Hot In Herre", set to a fantastic dance routine.

9. "Baby Got Back" by Adam's Apples
If you didn't know (or forgot, because it's hard to keep track of the useless shit this show does), there was a brief storyline in which Kurt fell for Adam, the hunky Brit who headed a singing group at NYADA. They did this super fun rendition of "Baby Got Back", and despite the criticism surrounding the cover, this makes the list.

8. "Hopelessly Devoted to You" by Blaine
It quite simply would not be a "Best of Glee" list if there wasn't a Darren Criss solo. Heartbroken over his split with Kurt, Blaine sings this Grease original and your heart melts! Ever since "Teenage Dream", there's just something about Blaine singing a song originally by a girl that just WORKS.

7. "The Scientist" by All the Couples
Coldplay usually bores me, but I'm instantly drawn to all and any of Glee's Coldplay covers, and "The Scientist" is no exception. It doesn't hurt that this song was the emotional peak of the season, as Kurt and Blaine broke up, Brittany and Santana went their separate ways, Rachel and Finn were unable to rekindle their romance, and Will and Emma faced uncertainty in theirs. ALL IN THE SAME EPISODE.

6. "Mamma Mia!" by New Directions (Old and New!)
There's something about ABBA that screams guilty pleasure, so it's only fitting that the Glee kids performed "Mamma Mia" as the closing group number in an episode devoted to artists we love... just not publicly. Can we all just agree that Lea Michele KILLS the slowed down introduction?

5. "There Are Worst Things I Could Do" by Half the Cast
Yes, another Grease song. Because not only is the Rizzo ballad my favorite song from the musical, but Glee hit it out of the park. Between Kate Hudson moving in on Rachel's new man and Unique mourning the loss of an opportunity to play Rizzo, the song was not only well-performed, but well-executed within the plot (which is sadly a rarity for Glee these days).

4. "Cold Hearted" by Santana
God bless Glee for resurrecting this Paula Abdul classic! And few things beat a Santana solo. Dare I say her rendition is actually better than the original? Listen for yourself.

3. "Don't Speak" by Rachel, Finn, Kurt & Blaine
In the aforementioned breakup episode, Finchel and Klaine perform the No Doubt classic "Don't Speak" on the eve of their official splits. They're all flawless, but Lea and Cory Monteith stand out in particular. Guess real life love really does translate into song!

2. "Creep" by Rachel & Brody
That awkward moment when you find out the guy you're seeing is secretly a male prostitute. Luckily, Rachel knows there's a song for every occasion! Radiohead's "Creep" is a wonderful addition to the cast's repertoire. Personally, I find it more enjoyable than the original.

1. "Oops!... I Did It Again" by Rachel
To praise Glee's cover of the beloved Britney jam "Oops!... I Did It Again", we must first relive the atrocity that was "Britney 2.0." The so-called tribute episode mocked and shat on the very singer it claimed to celebrate. Now that we've acknowledged that, we can focus on this sultry reimagining of the bubblegum classic, performed by none other than Lea Michele!

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