Sunday, March 16, 2014

20 Things You Didn't Know About Heathers

  1. The name Heather is said 90 times in the film.
  2. The character Veronica Sawyer and her childhood friend Betty Finn are named after the Archie comics characters Veronica and Betty, and the Mark Twain characters Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.
  3. Screenwriter Daniel Waters originally wrote Heathers as a three-hour film, envisioning Stanley Kubrick as the director.
  4. Many actors turned down roles in Heathers because of its dark subject matter. For example, Jennifer Connelly rejected the role of Veronica. Justine Bateman was also considered for the lead role, and Drew Barrymore auditioned for a part as well.
  5. Winona Ryder's agent warned her that a film like Heathers would destroy her career. Nevertheless, she was so determined to play Veronica that she underwent a makeover at the Beverly Center shopping mall when casting directors told her she wasn't pretty enough. In 2013, Winona revealed that Heathers briefly damaged her career and even cost her parts in other films until it became more appreciated.
  6. Waters claims to have written Veronica as only slightly more moral than J.D., and credits Ryder's performance for making the character sympathetic.
  7. Brad Pitt auditioned for the role of J.D. but was turned away because he came across as "too nice." Heather Graham was initially cast as Heather McNamara, but her mother wouldn't let her do the film, so she was replaced by Lisanne Falk.
  8. The opening croquet scene was the last to be shot. Lisanne Falk, who plays Heather McNamara, had cut her hair by this time and had to wear a wig.
  9. Christian Slater credits Jack Nicholson as the inspiration for his performance as J.D. He claims to have written Nicholson multiple times asking him to watch the film but received no response.
  10. In the film, the book suicidal students underline before killing themselves is Moby Dick. It was originally going to be The Catcher in the Rye, but the producers could not get clearance.
  11. The same kitchen was used for scenes in both Heather Chandler and Heather Duke's houses, but the colors and lighting were changed so audiences wouldn't notice.
  12. The scene in which the bullies chase the nerds after the funeral and force one of them to say "I like to suck big dicks" was meant to illustrate the cruelty of bullies, according to Walters, but was used as an example of negative portrayals of homosexuals in film in The Celluloid Closet.
  13. The set for Veronica's bedroom was built in the gym of the school they filmed at. That school, interestingly, was not a high school, but John Adams Middle School.
  14. Many corporations did not allow their brands to be used in the film, including 7-Eleven for the convenience store scene and Perrier for the mineral water gag.
  15. Early drafts of the script end with Veronica shooting J.D. and then strapping herself to the bomb and dying in the explosion. Heather McNamara and Betty Finn would then find her suicide note in her locker, and the film would conclude with a prom sequence set in heaven, where everybody drinks the blue concoction used to kill Heather Chandler.
  16. Another proposed ending had Veronica attempting to make amends with Martha, who then pulls out a gun and shoots her in the face before saying, "Fuck you, Heather!" Veronica would then have collapsed to the ground and, while bleeding out, muttered, "My name's not Heather... My name's not Heather."
  17. In most of Europe, the film was released under the title Lethal Attraction in an attempt to capitalize on the successes of Lethal Weapon and Fatal Attraction.
  18. Jeremy Applegate, whose character Peter Dawson prays he will never commit suicide, killed himself in 2000. Kim Walker, who portrayed Heather Chandler and uttered the line, "Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?" died of a brain tumor in 2001.
  19. The film almost became a TV series twice: first in 2009, when Fox had planned a modernized adaptation, and then in 2012 when Bravo planned a sequel series set 20 years after the film and focusing on the Ashleys, the daughters of the surviving Heathers.
  20. A musical based on the film will open off-Broadway later this month.

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