Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cunt of the Week: Kate Gosselin

Nobody's copying that hairstyle.

The name Kate Gosselin carries such a vile connotation, one that inspires people to light torches and camp out on this woman's front lawn. And for good reason. As you know, Kate became famous for having children and letting reality TV cameras film her as she belittled said children and emasculated husband Jon, who was usually seen wearing Ed Hardy shit, on Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

It wasn't long before America realized what a cunt Kate was. Sure, being a mother to eight children must be challenging, but there's no need to be a 'round-the-clock uptight bitch. Jon soon cheated on Kate (he's a cunt himself). Naturally, Kate booted him from the show, and it became Kate Plus Eight. And then Twist of Kate. And then Dancing With the Stars. And then Celebrity Wife Swap. Yeah, she did all of these, all the while verbally abusing her children and sleeping with her body guard.

So what do we hate about Kate? Well, there was the time behind-the-scenes footage of her Today interview revealed that she guzzled away on water while denying her thirsty children the same. "I haven't had a drink all day!" her daughter cried. Kate's response: "Neither have I!"

That was in 2009. More recently, in January, Kate forced her eldest children to do a televised interview they clearly had no interest in doing. When they clammed up, she got frustrated. "Words!" she barked at them.

There was the time when cameras followed her to Sarah Palin's house in Alaska and Kate cried because it was raining and she did not want to eat caribou. And lest we forget, she regularly appears on morning talk shows to condemn Jon for being a "mediocre" parent, even though he's not the one dragging his kids out in front of cameras every minute.


Anonymous said...

We all support the kids, and especially cannot support the media- monger ugly bleach bitch.

Anonymous said...

Hope those kids will be out of her grasp soon. Those poor children!