Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cunt of the Week: LeAnn Rimes

Haunting you.
Most of us probably only know LeAnn Rimes because she's a homewrecking whore; if that's the case, this article is kind of moot. But she was actually a prolific country-pop singer back in the day. You've probably heard her signature jam "Can't Fight the Moonlight" from the Coyote Ugly soundtrack. If not, oh well. You're not missing much.

What's far more interesting is her juicy personal life, like in 2009, when a very-married LeAnn infamously hooked up with an also very-married Eddie Cibrian on the set of their Lifetime movie. Yeah, that's right. A fucking Lifetime movie. Not only does LeAnn think she's an actress, but she thinks she's entitled to this A-list behavior when the only work she can get is on fucking Lifetime?!

It astounds me that the news broke the way it did. Security footage from a restaurant showed the two canoodling. Who in their right mind would even recognize these two? Kudos to the security guard or whoever is in charge of watching the footage, tbh.

LeAnn has said she regrets that people got hurt by her illicit affair, but she doesn't regret the result. But her inability to cope with the public backlash sent her into rehab. BITCH. If you cannot take the heat, get the fuck out of the unfaithful kitchen!!!

I mean DAMN. At least Angelina Jolie held her own. Jesus Christ.

On the plus side, she got a reality show out of it. Or a sitcom, if you listen to her pitch:
It’s kind of not really scripted. We get to take our lives and expand on it. It’s not a docu-series. We take things that have happened and play up the joke. You definitely get us. To me, it flows back and forth between feeling like a sitcom and feeling like reality, which I think is a little different than most. We really don’t take ourselves seriously in this.
The hero of this story is Brandi Glanville, Eddie's ex-wife, who referred to LeAnn as a "cunt-ry singer" following the affair. Now that's brilliant.