Friday, June 27, 2014

Bitch of the Week: Stubbs the Cat

Pretty kitty

Did you know that the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska is a cat? Well, it's true! The small town, which is technically considered a historical district and therefore does not have an actual mayor, elected Stubbs the cat as its mayor in July 1997 and he has been going strong ever since. As such, he's also the Bitch of the Week

Lauri Stec, a general store manager, found Stubbs and the rest of his litter in a box in the parking lot. She chose Stubbs because he had no tail. Eventually, he became so popular that people just accepted he was the mayor. I'm not kidding. It just happened. The town, which prides itself on its eccentricity, were just like, "Yeah, he's our mayor!"

Stubbs operates out of his office in the general store. (Also not kidding.) He attracts 30 to 40 tourists a day. Every afternoon, he frequents a local restaurant and drinks water out of a wineglass laden with catnip.

It hasn't been all games for Stubbs. He's often harassed by teenagers, which is fucking rude #leaveStubbsalone! In August 2013, he was attacked by a dog and suffered a punctured lung, a fractured sternum, and a deep wound in his side. A crowdsourcing page was set up to pay for his medical bills.

When will your cat?

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Taylor Tanton said...

He is living the life!