Monday, June 23, 2014

Jam of the Week: "Expertease" by Jennifer Lopez

If you've given up on JLo because of one too many Pitbull collaborations, it's time to get the fuck over it, because bitch is back and truly better than ever. Returning to her urban roots after a questionable dip in the dance genre, Jennifer Lopez's new album AKA is full of jams, the most JoW-worthy of which is "Expertease".

Obviously, it's a masterful play on words, so it's already super fun. But it has an insanely catchy hook ("Let me show my expertise, I'm an expert tease, and you know it.") Not only that, but the chorus is preceded by a pre-chorus that's amazing. So you're jamming, thinking you're at the chorus, and then it hollers into the actual chorus and you're just over the moon.

Slay a little harder, JLo!

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