Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lana Del Rey Might Be Dissing Lorde in a New Track

So legit.

The release of Lana's new album Ultraviolence is right around the corner; as such, we're learning a lot more about the songs that will be on the record. I was personally looking most forward to "Fucked My Way to the Top", because its iconic title is enough to assume that it would be a fantastic jam.

Well, as it just so happens, Lana recently opened up about the song's meaning. It's about a basic bitch, and that basic bitch just might be none other than former Cunt of the Week Lorde:
It’s about a singer who first sneered about my allegedly un-authentic style, but later stole and copied it, and now she’s acting like I am the art project and she’s the true super artist. My God, and people actually believe her. She’s successful! I shouldn’t continue ranting – it doesn’t get anywhere.
No, rant more! We love it.

For those of you who don't know, Lorde dismissed Lana as being superficial and unrelatable because she sings about opulent lifestyles. Well, here's the thing, sweetie. Singing about not having an opulent lifestyle is just as shallow. And what's worse, Lorde's style is very distinctly Lana-inspired. So it doesn't take a genius to connect the dots.

This is the second time Lana has proven herself a warrior leading the fight against cunts; a song in which she disses Lady Gaga leaked onto the internet last summer.

Slay 'em basic bitches, Lana!


Taylor Tanton said...

Down with Lorde!

Anonymous said...


So Luxx said...

Lorde is the teacher while Lana is the student, she should take notes so she can improve as an artist instead of getting butthurt over a school girls comments

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Lorde is that dumb kid in class copying off Lana's work and then getting Lana in trouble for copying off "her work". Lorde ain't shit. So take a seat.

So Luxx said...

Lorde is original and unique and actually writes her own material and has been performing music since she was a kid unlike Lana who rips off artists like nancy sinatra and used her daddys fortune to get a record deal ad song writers and pretends she is original when she fools nobody but her tumblr fans who dont know the history of music

Anonymous said...

Oh, honey boo. Lana has always written her own work and had full creative control. And learn what "influence" means. She PRETTY OBVIOUSLY wants to homage Nancy and others like Whitman and Frost (who you probably have never heard of) and this is absolutely nothing new, every fan knows this.

Just stay salty that your average-singing Lana wannabe got called out and you're too busy kissing Lorde's shoes to admit it.