Tuesday, July 1, 2014

20 Things You Didn't Know About Mean Girls

  1. Mean Girls is based on the nonfiction book Queen Bees and Wannabes, which helps teenage girls navigate the clique-based high school hierarchy. Tina Fey primarily based the script on her own experiences; Janice Ian is Tina Fey. The character was named after the openly gay singer of the same name, whose song "At Seventeen" was one of the first Saturday Night Live performances and can be heard in the film.
  2. Damian was named after Tina's close from, TV Guide writer Damian Holbrook, and Glen Coco was also named for a friend of Tina's.
  3. The original name of the film was Homeschooled.
  4. The script was originally extremely R-rated. Director Mark Waters remarked that Regina dropped "more F-bombs than Joe Pesci in Goodfellas."
  5. Mark's brother is Daniel Waters, the screenwriter of Heathers, which is totally the darker, 80s version of Mean Girls. The brothers recently teamed up for Vampire Academy, which is like Mean Girls with vampires, but was apparently really shitty.
  6. Lindsay Lohan was originally cast as Regina George, but after the success of Freaky Friday, Paramount worried her fans wouldn't accept her as the villain. Rachel McAdams, who originally read for Cady but was considered "too old," was then cast as Regina.
  7. Amanda Seyfried read for the role of Regina, before being cast as Karen. Rajiv Surendra read for Damian before landing the role of mathlete Kevin G, which was originally written for an Asian actor.
  8. James Franco was originally considered for the role of Aaron Samuels. Jonathon Bennett was cast, partially because he could make Lindsay blush on camera, and partially because Tina thought he looked like her SNL costar Jimmy Fallon.
  9. Lizzy Caplan was cast as Janice because of her ability to show raw emotion. Tina originally wanted a Kelly Osborne-esque actress to play the character, and considered Lizzy too pretty.
  10. Rumors of Scarlett Johansson auditioning for Karen were shot down by Mark. Ashley Tisdale, however, did. She would later cite Rachel's characterization of Regina as her inspiration for playing Sharpay in High School Musical.
  11. Paramount dragged their feet in casting Amy Poehler and Tim Meadows as Regina's mom and Principal Duvall, respectively, as they did not want it to become a "Saturday Night Live movie."
  12. Amy wrote Kevin G's rap.
  13. Lindsay missed the first few days of filming because she had overdosed pink eye.
  14. Because she was a minor, Lindsay could only film about 9 hours a day, and so Mark took as many shortcuts as possible. The four-way phone call scene was filmed at 48 frames per second (slow motion) with synced sound. The footage of whoever is talking in the scene is played at the standard 24 frames per second, while the other girls are discretely shown in slow motion.
  15. Initially, the film was denied the rights to Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" for Damian's talent show performance. Danial Franzese, who played the character, fought for the rights, because he wanted to recite the spoken lyric, "Don't look at me." Songwriter Linda Perry eventually relented and gave them the rights, as the character was gay, and that's the type of audience the song was written for.
  16. Rachel wore a blonde wig for filming, which you can totally tell. Still, Regina's flawless.
  17. The original script had Miss Norbury confiscating ecstasy from Kevin G and putting it in her desk, which gets her into even more trouble when the burn book accuses her of selling drugs.
  18. The song Cady is excited to actually recognize at the end of the film is "Built This Way" by Samantha Ronson, Linday's future girlfriend.
  19. Rachel prepared for her performance as Regina by listening to Courtney Love CDs and also drew inspiration from Alec Baldwin's role in Glengarry Glen Ross.
  20. A Broadway musical based on the film is in the works. And if the Heathers musical is any indication, it won't be good.